My passion is to give visual form to that which seems ineffable in the worlds of ideas and emotions.  My intention is to represent and communicate ideas and feelings through imagery.  The process of making the images, using luscious, gooey, slathers of paint, often reveals aspects of the content that were below my level of consciousness.  I become the student of the painting.  Because the content changes with each series, the imagery, the process and the medium shift accordingly.  I have almost always used paint but I have also expanded the process to include installation, collaborative video and vocal music.

I have not participated in any organized feminist groups, but I have always supported efforts to establish equality in the art world.  And on a personal level I have from the beginning been drawn to the work of women artists and have collaborated with several women on projects that were intended to draw attention to the quality of art by women

Full Life Story #1, o-w, 48 x 84, 2015

Me - Invisible Grief, 68 x 84, o-c, 2013

Holding It Lightly - Hope, 66 x 72, o-c, 2010

Corpus Perspicuus - Come With Me, Installation, o-c & plexi, 2005

Impermance - Into The Woods, Installation, o-c & plexi, 2003