These objects are mirrors of my life. They represent a limited perception wherein my memory and inclination can overlap.  They are a lesson taught to me over 30 years through experimentation, dogged-stubbornness and purposeful growth.

Artwork, at its most ambitious, is social conscience, commentary and religion rolled into a complex four-sided document, to be read and reinterpreted over a span of many pages, and over many days of rethinking and researching. To make art is to problem- solve by giving oneself a huge problem. It is like jumping off a cliff but gradually knowing one has the skills to land softly and surely. The jumping becomes for me an important part of the puzzle… artists are also good puzzle solvers!

I believe that working with one’s hands, and brain is very satisfying. In a large sense the act of mark making is the only certain truth about what is real and tangible. And even that truth, tropes into something more ambiguous at times and becomes fantasy and mythology, referencing like a poem.

I have been trying to find my language for representation and abstraction inhabiting the same “Landscape”. I believe that they are two sides of the same visual coin with a hair sliver of distinction separating them. This is the world I inhabit while actively engaged in making a painting. I let the experience play itself out on the canvas.