The basis for my art is a belief that duality exists in everything. I am aware of the presence of opposing forces in the world around me, such as intellect and intuition, male and female, stillness and movement, body and soul, light and dark, the organized and chaotic, and of course, life and death. My artwork aims to bring the duality of contrasting energy forces into balance. My desire is to present opposite sides of any truth in order to see the real picture. In addition to the philosophical concerns in my work, natural elements emerge that are symbols for my own growth. 

I am deeply connected to historical art methods. My love of painting owes a debt to the Abstract Expressionists, particularly Joan Mitchell, Arshile Gorky and Robert Motherwell for their expressive forms, as well as the California artists, such as Nathan Olivera and Jay DeFeo. All, for their attempts to externalize the internal. At the same time, I am drawn to the world of technology and the mechanics of the external world. Once again, duality feeds my creativity.

Angel Venus 3    Oil & Pigment  30” x 73”

Angel Venus 3

Oil & Pigment

30” x 73”

Emerging Venus 6

3D Print & Welded Steel

32” x 31” x 17”

Gray Matters 2: Crucifixion

Oil on canvas with recessed wood panel

44” x 59”

Parallel Universe: Spider

Oil & Pigment

69” x 40”

Spiral Series 4

Oil & Pigment

70” x 47”